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Cassidy vs. ChatGPT

How Cassidy is better than ChatGPT for business use cases.

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Cassidy Overview: Cassidy allows companies to seamlessly integrate their internal documentation with LLMs to speed up workflows across admin, sales, marketing and support.

Key Differences - Cassidy vs GPTs

  • Business-First Approach: Tailored for business functions in a dedicated environment, ensuring a focused and secure AI experience for employees.

  • Single-Source Knowledge Base: Provides a comprehensive, AI-powered central repository for all company documents, enabling efficient information retrieval and interaction.

  • Browser Extensions: Enables integration of Cassidy assistants with various tools, allowing users to access AI capabilities directly in all of their tools.

  • Usage-Based Pricing: Provides cost-effective solutions based on organizational usage rather than fixed per-user fees.

  • Deploy Anywhere: Offers flexible deployment options, including integration into existing systems or communication platforms like Slack.

  • Team Permissioning and Admin Controls: Ensures better control and management of AI usage, data access, and team permissions within the organization.

  • AI Model Diversity: Not restricted to a single AI provider, allowing the use of various AI models including open-source and other providers like Anthropic.

  • Broad Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with key business tools and platforms like Google Drive, SharePoint, Notion, and Slack.

  • Data Privacy: Guarantees that client data is not used for future model training, ensuring strict data privacy.

  • End-to-End Workflows: Automated workflows to complete tasks without active user interaction, a new level of automation.

  • White Glove Onboarding & Support: Cassidy provides onboarding calls to help integrate data and build specific workflows as well as regular support and training calls with your team.

If you’d like to schedule a call with your broader team to chat about Cassidy, you can do so here:

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