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Syncing integrations

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How syncing with third-party integrations works in Cassidy

Cassidy allows you to connect your file platforms, such as Google Drive, SharePoint, and Slack, for seamless integration and data syncing in the Knowledge Base.

Understanding how the syncing process works is crucial for effective data management between your external platforms and Cassidy.

*Imported websites are not automatically synced

Automatic syncing (every 24 hours)

When connecting your file platforms to Cassidy, the platform ensures that your data is automatically synced every 24 hours. This offers several benefits:

  1. Changes reflected in Cassidy: Any changes made natively within your Google Docs (or other connected platforms) will be updated in Cassidy automatically.

  2. No manual effort required: There is no need to constantly export and import your files manually, saving you time and effort.

  3. Data stays up-to-date: This automatic syncing feature keeps your data up-to-date and organized across platforms.

To set up automatic syncing, simply connect your desired file platform (Google Drive, SharePoint, or Slack) with Cassidy, and the platform will handle the syncing process on a daily basis. For more information on how to connect these apps, see the respective articles in this collection.

Live syncing (Enterprise Plan)

For customers who require quicker and real-time syncing, Cassidy offers Live Syncing with the Enterprise Plan. With Live Syncing, your data is instantly synchronized between your external platforms and Cassidy. This feature is ideal for businesses with fast-paced work environments and collaboration requirements.

Benefits of Live Syncing include:

  1. Instant updates: As soon as a change is made in Google Docs (or other connected platforms), the update is reflected immediately in Cassidy.

  2. Real-time collaboration: Live Syncing allows team members to work simultaneously on documents, ensuring that everyone sees the actual data as updated by others.

To take advantage of Live Syncing, upgrade to the Cassidy Enterprise Plan and enjoy the efficiency of real-time synchronization across your connected file platforms and Cassidy.

With both Automatic Syncing and Live Syncing, Cassidy ensures that your data remains up-to-date and accessible, irrespective of the preferred file platform, simplifying the management and analysis of your data across multiple platforms.

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