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Introduction to Cassidy
Introduction to Cassidy

Learn the basics of Cassidy and its features

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Welcome to Cassidy's help documentation!

Use this guide to learn about our platform and become an expert in using it.

Cassidy is the AI workspace for your team, powered by your company's knowledge. We help your business use AI confidently, accurately, and securely.

Popular use cases

Cassidy is an all-in-one tool that businesses use for various tasks. You can find our popular use cases across the following categories:

Core features

To utilize Cassidy to its fullest, it's important to understand the core features and how they work together. You can visit each feature's documentation for more in-depth explanations. Here's a summary:

  1. Knowledge Base: This is the foundation for all features in Cassidy. In the Knowledge Base, you'll add your company's information (from various sources like uploaded documents, 3rd party tools that you already use, your website, and more). This allows you to connect company data to Assistants and Workflows to provide business context to AI.

  2. Assistants: Chat with AI Assistants that have the context of your business and are customized for specific tasks.

  3. Workflows: Run AI Workflows to automate complex tasks across your tools and systems.

Watch the following video for more information on when to use an assistant vs a workflow:

How to use this documentation

Our documentation has several key sections:

  1. Getting Started: Learn how to set up your Cassidy account.

  2. Knowledge Base: Create and manage your knowledge base with documents, websites, and permissions.

  3. Chat: Explore the chat interface, including assistants, knowledge base items, and sharing.

  4. Assistants: Manage your AI assistants, including editing, fine-tuning, and permissions.

  5. Workflows: Automate tasks with workflows, from creation to execution.

  6. Use Cases: Discover how Cassidy can be used for different tasks.

  7. Settings & Billing: Manage your organization settings, including credits, plans, and team members.

  8. Integrations: Connect Cassidy with your favorite tools and platforms.

  9. Data Privacy & Security: Learn about Cassidy's commitment to data protection and security.

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