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Overview of Knowledge Base
Overview of Knowledge Base

Learn how a knowledge base can power your AI

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Why a knowledge base

The knowledge base is the foundation of Cassidy's AI capabilities. It allows you to connect your company's data and knowledge to AI, enabling accurate and context-aware answers, assistants, and workflows.

  • Accurate answers: No more worrying about AI hallucinations - Cassidy’s knowledge base delivers reliable, verified and cited information from your company’s own knowledge.

  • Automate complex tasks: Enable your AI to complete even the most intricate workflows by leveraging the full context of your unique business.

  • Keep everyone informed: Ensure all your employees have instant access to the most current information they need, with your company’s knowledge centralized and synced in real-time.

*The steps to create folders / collections, upload documents, import websites, import from external apps / integrations, and to manage knowledge base permissions can be found here.

Get a quick introduction to the knowledge base by watching this short video:

Leverage the knowledge base across Cassidy

The knowledge base powers various features in Cassidy, including:

  • Chat: Get accurate answers to questions based on your company's knowledge. Read this article for more on chat.

  • Assistants: Create AI copilots that are trained on your company's knowledge, providing personalized and context-aware assistance. Read this article for more on assistants.

  • Workflows: Automate tasks and processes using your company's knowledge as the foundation. Read this article for more on workflows.

By creating and maintaining a comprehensive knowledge base, you can unlock the full potential of Cassidy's AI capabilities, enabling your team to work more efficiently and effectively.

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