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Creating knowledge base folders or collections
Creating knowledge base folders or collections

Organize your knowledge base

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Structuring your knowledge base with folders / collections

Organizing your knowledge base is essential for maintaining a clear structure and making it easier to find the information you need.

Here's how to create folders and collections in your knowledge base:

  1. Navigate to the Knowledge Base: Click on the "Knowledge Base" section in the left sidebar of your Cassidy homepage.

  2. Click the "+ New" button: In the top-right corner of the Knowledge Base area, click on the "+ New" button to open the options.

  3. Choose "New Folder" or "New Collection": From the dropdown menu, select either "New Folder" or "New Collection," depending on your organizational needs.

    • Folders are simple groupings of sub-folders and documents and do not have additional features.

    • Collections are more advanced groupings that allow you to set permissions and manage access to the folders and documents within them. See managing knowledge base permissions for more information. (*Collections are currently only available for Pro plan members.)

  4. Name your folder or collection: Enter a descriptive name for your folder or collection, making it easy to identify its contents. For example, you might create folders like "Customer Service," "HR," or "Marketing."

  5. Click "Save": After entering the name, click the "Save" button to create the folder or collection.

  6. Move documents into the folder or collection: To organize your existing documents, simply drag and drop them from the main Knowledge Base area into the appropriate folder or collection. You can also upload new documents directly into a specific folder or collection by navigating to that folder and using the "+ New" button.

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