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Importing from external apps & integrations
Importing from external apps & integrations

Connect your tools to your knowledge base

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How to import from external apps

Integrating external apps and tools with your Cassidy knowledge base allows you to seamlessly import and sync content from various sources, ensuring that the AI has access to the most up-to-date information.

Cassidy supports a wide range of integrations, including Google Drive, Notion, Confluence, and more. To explore the full list of available integrations and learn how to set them up, please refer to the Integrations collection in the help center.

Here's an example of how to import content from Google Drive:

  1. Navigate to the Knowledge Base: Click on the "Knowledge Base" section in the left sidebar of your Cassidy homepage.

  2. Select a folder or collection: Choose the appropriate folder or collection where you want to import your content. If you haven't created any folders yet, you can import the content directly to the main Knowledge Base area.

  3. Connect your Google Drive account: Click the "Connect" button and follow the prompts to authorize Cassidy to access your Google Drive account. You may need to log in to your Google account and grant the necessary permissions.

  4. Click the "+ New" button: In the top-right corner of the respective folder or collection, click on the "+ New" button to open the import options.

  5. Choose "Import from Google Drive": From the dropdown menu, select "Import from Google Drive" to initiate the import process.

  6. Connect your Google Drive account: If you haven't connected your Google Drive account before, you'll be prompted to log in and grant Cassidy the necessary permissions to access your files.

    โ€‹*You can also manage connections like these from your account settings.

  7. Select the files or folders to import: Once connected, you'll see a list of your Google Drive files and folders. Select the specific files or folders you want to import into your Cassidy knowledge base.

  8. Click "Import": After selecting the files and destination, click the "Import" button to begin the import process. Cassidy will start importing the content from your Google Drive into your knowledge base.

  9. Monitor the import progress: You can monitor the progress of the import in the "Integrations" section. Once the import is complete, the content will be available in your knowledge base, organized according to the destination folder or collection you specified.

After importing content from external apps, Cassidy will automatically keep your knowledge base in sync with the original source. By default, the syncing process occurs overnight to ensure that your knowledge base has the most recent content. However, if you are an Enterprise plan user, you can configure the syncing frequency to update every hour, ensuring near-real-time updates. For more information on configuring the syncing frequency, please see the article on Syncing integrations.

By leveraging Cassidy's integrations with external apps and tools, you can create a comprehensive and always up-to-date knowledge base that empowers your team with the information they need to work efficiently and effectively.

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