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Referencing knowledge base items
Referencing knowledge base items

Cite information from your knowledge base in chat

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How to reference knowledge base information in a chat

Cassidy's chat interface allows you to easily reference and cite information from your organization's knowledge base, enabling you to ask questions and get answers based on your company's specific context.

This article will guide you through the process of referencing knowledge base items within the chat.

  1. Start a new chat: To select an assistant, begin by clicking the "New Chat" button in the left sidebar or on the "All Chats" page.

  2. Use the "#" key to reference knowledge base items: In the chat text box, type the "#" key to open a dropdown menu that allows you to search for and select items from your knowledge base.

  3. Search for relevant items: In the dropdown menu, start typing keywords related to the information you want to reference. Cassidy will display a list of matching knowledge base items based on your search terms.

  4. Select the desired item: Click on the knowledge base item you want to reference in your chat. The item will be added to the text box as a clickable link.

  5. Ask questions about the referenced information: Once you've referenced a knowledge base item, you can ask the AI assistant questions related to that information. For example, if you've referenced an employee handbook, you can ask questions like:

    • "Can you summarize the main points of the employee handbook?"

    • "How many vacation days am I entitled to according to the handbook?"

    • "What is the process for requesting time off?"

    The assistant will provide answers based on the content of the referenced item and the context of your organization.
    โ€‹*When using the chat with a Q&A assistant, you do not have to specify the knowledge base items, it will automatically search your knowledge base, according to its configuration. In addition, its sources are cited.

By referencing knowledge base items in your chats, you can leverage the power of Cassidy's AI to quickly find and extract relevant information from your organization's documentation. This feature streamlines your workflows and ensures that you always have access to accurate, up-to-date information when you need it.

*Cassidy uses a powerful semantic search function that prioritizes context and relevance over simple keyword matching. For more information on how semantic search works and its ideal use cases, refer to the article on Cassidy's Semantic Search: How It Works & What It's Ideal For.

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