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Sharing a chat
Sharing a chat

Collaborate with team members on chat conversations

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How to share a chat

Cassidy enables seamless communication and collaboration among team members by allowing you to easily share chat conversations.

This article will guide you through the process of sharing a chat with your colleagues.

  1. Navigate to the chat: Open the chat you want to share, either by locating it within the chat interface or finding it in your list of chats.

  2. Copy the chat URL: In your browser's address bar, find and select the URL of the specific chat.

  3. Share the URL: Send the copied URL to your desired team member through your preferred communication method, such as email, instant messaging, or your team's collaboration platform.

Important Considerations

When sharing a chat, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Workspace membership: The individual you share the chat with must be a member of the same Cassidy workspace. If they are not a member, they will not have access to view the chat.

  2. Permissions: If the recipient does not have adequate permissions due to workspace settings, they may need to request access from an administrator.

  3. Real-time updates: When a user continues a shared chat by adding new messages, those messages will be reflected in real-time for all users who have access to the chat.

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