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Using the writing editor
Using the writing editor

Collaborate with AI on writing tasks

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How to use the writing editor in a chat

Cassidy's chat interface includes a built-in writing editor that allows you to collaborate with AI assistants on various writing tasks, such as researching ideas, drafting content, or getting help with editing.

This article will guide you through the steps of using the writing editor within a chat.

  1. Start a new chat: Begin by clicking the "New Chat" button in the left sidebar or on the "All Chats" page.

  2. Open the editor: In the top right corner of the chat interface, click the "Open editor" button to open the writing editor side panel.

  3. Type in the editor: You can now type directly in the rich text editor while simultaneously chatting with the AI assistant. This is particularly useful when researching an idea or getting assistance with writing.

  4. Add assistant responses to the editor: When the AI assistant provides a response or suggestion that you want to incorporate into your writing, click the "Add to Editor" button within the chat message. The content will be automatically added to the writing editor.

*The writing editor is tied to each individual chat and is not automatically saved to your knowledge base. If you need to store the content permanently, make sure to copy or export it from the editor before closing the chat.

By leveraging the writing editor within Cassidy's chat interface, you can easily collaborate with AI assistants on various writing tasks, streamlining your content creation process and improving the quality of your output.

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