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Using the prompt library
Using the prompt library

Leverage pre-built and custom prompts for efficient writing

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How to manage the prompt library

Learn how to create, organize, and edit custom prompts in the prompt library for efficient writing.

  1. Access the prompt library: In the chat interface, enter the "/" key in the text box and click "Manage prompt library" from the menu.

  2. Create a folder (optional): To organize your prompts, click the "+ Folder" button and name your folder accordingly.

  3. Create a new custom prompt: Click the "+ New prompt" button to create a new custom prompt.

  4. Describe the prompt: Provide a brief description of the prompt, and Cassidy will automatically generate a refined prompt based on your description. Alternatively, click "Create prompt manually (advanced)" to write the prompt yourself.

  5. Name and write the prompt: If creating the prompt manually, give your prompt a name and write out the content of the prompt.

    • Use placeholders: In your prompt, use [brackets] to add placeholders for parts of the prompt that may change each time you use it. For example, if you have a placeholder for tone, you could write [professional] one time and then [witty] the next time.

    • Reference the knowledge base: Use the "#" symbol within your prompt to reference specific items from your knowledge base, if needed.

    • Add example outputs: Provide examples of your ideal outputs so that Cassidy can tailor the response to better match your desired style and format.

  6. Save the prompt: Click "Save" to store your custom prompt in the library.

  7. Use or edit the prompt: Click "Use prompt" if you want to use the prompt immediately, or you can always edit the prompts later as needed.

*Prompts created in the library are public and visible to everyone in your organization.

Using a prompt in a chat

Discover how to apply default and custom prompts from the library to streamline your writing tasks within a chat.

  1. Open the prompt menu: In the chat interface, click the "/" key in the text box to open the prompt menu.

  2. Browse available prompts: The menu will display Cassidy's default prompts and your custom prompts under the "Custom prompts" section.

  3. Insert a custom prompt: Click on a custom prompt to insert the template into the chat.

  4. Replace placeholders and make edits: Replace the placeholders in the prompt with the actual values and make any other necessary edits to the prompt. These changes will not be saved to the original template.

  5. Send the message: Once you have customized the prompt, send the chat message to generate the AI's response based on your prompt.

  6. Use Cassidy's default prompts: If you click on one of Cassidy's default prompts, such as "Improve writing" or "Summarize," a form with an input field will appear. Fill out the form and click "Generate" to apply the selected prompt to your text.

By utilizing the prompt library, you can save time and ensure consistency in your writing tasks, making your collaboration with Cassidy's AI more efficient and effective.


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