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Overview of Assistants
Overview of Assistants

Discover the power of AI assistants in Cassidy

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Why AI Assistants

Cassidy's AI Assistants let you create task-specific AI models that are customized to your business, powered by your knowledge, and shared across the team. For example, you can have a marketing assistant versed in writing content, or a customer service assistant to help deal with support tickets.

This article will provide an overview of assistants and their key features.

Here are the key features, please refer to the individual articles in this collection for more details:

  • Create and customize assistants with specific instructions and goals

  • Choose any foundational model as the base (like GPT-4, Claude 3 Opus, Gemini Pro, and more)

  • Fine-tune and train assistants on your brand voice

  • Perform Q&A using your knowledge base, to come up with accurate and cited responses

Cassidy also provides default and pre-built assistants:

  • Default assistants: This includes foundational models like GPT-4, Claude 3 Opus, and Gemini Pro. These assistants are not trained on your organization's knowledge base but can still help with general tasks.

  • Cassidy's pre-built assistants: Cassidy offers pre-built assistants for common use cases, such as the Data Analyst, as well as the Cassidy Help and Use Case Assistant.

*The steps to create, edit, fine-tune, and manage assistants' and their permissions can be found here.

Get a quick introduction to assistants by watching this short video:

Leverage assistants across Cassidy

Assistants power various features in Cassidy, including:

  • Chat: Assistants provide quick switches between different contexts within a chat conversation, such as instructions and knowledge, to tackle any tasks.

  • Workflows: In workflows, assistants provide valuable context to inform the multi-step AI automations that power your productivity processes.

Use cases

You can find our popular use cases that leverage the chat feature:

For more information on these and other use cases, please refer to the Use Cases collection.

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