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Managing assistant permissions
Managing assistant permissions

Control access to your AI assistants

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How to manage assistant permissions

Cassidy provides flexible options for managing access and permissions for your AI assistants, ensuring that team members have access to the tools they need while maintaining security and control.

  1. Set assistant privacy: When editing an assistant, navigate to the basic settings and locate the "Private" option. When enabled, the assistant will only be accessible to you, assuming you are the creator. When disabled, the assistant is considered public and can be accessed by anyone in your organization.

  2. Use groups for granular control (admin only): If you are an administrator, you can further refine permissions for specific assistants using the groups functionality.
    โ€‹*This is covered in detail in the this article within the Settings & Billing collection.

  3. Assign assistants to groups: Once you have created groups and assigned members to them, you can manage permissions for each assistant on a per-group basis, by selecting "Can View" / "Can Edit" options.

By utilizing Cassidy's privacy settings and group-based permissions, you can ensure that your team members have access to the AI assistants they need while maintaining the necessary level of control and security.

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