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Overview of Workflows
Overview of Workflows

Learn how to use Workflows and AI automations

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Why AI Workflows

AI workflows in Cassidy are designed to automate complex, multi-step processes, saving time and increasing productivity across your organization.

This article will provide an overview of workflows and their key features.

Here are the key features, please refer to the individual articles in this collection for more details:

  • Template library

  • Pre-set triggers and action blocks

  • Integrate with external apps

  • Chain prompts and models

*The steps to create, edit, and run workflows, as well as information about templates and triggers / actions can be found here.

Get a quick introduction to workflows by watching this short video:

Leverage workflows across Cassidy

There are a number of different ways to run workflows, including:

  • Bulk: Run a workflow multiple times, based on a dataset.

  • Async: Set workflows to run on a schedule.

  • Integrated: Incorporate workflows into your existing tools and platforms.

  • Chat: Run workflows directly within Cassidy's chat interface.

Use cases

You can find our popular use cases that leverage the workflows feature:

For more information on these and other use cases, please refer to the Use Cases collection.

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