Quickly create workflows based on pre-built templates

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How to create a workflow from a template

Templates are pre-built workflows designed for specific use cases, allowing you to quickly create and customize workflows without starting from scratch.

Follow these steps to use templates:

  1. Navigate to the Templates page: Click on the "Templates" option in the left sidebar of your Cassidy dashboard.

    โ€‹*You can also access templates when creating a workflow and selecting the "Use a Starting Point" setup method.

  2. Search and filter: Use the search bar to find templates by keyword or browse through the available categories to filter templates based on your specific needs.

  3. Select and customize: Click on a template that suits your requirements. This will open the template and add it to your workflows, where you can run it as-is or make any necessary edits to customize it further.

By using templates, you can save time and effort in creating workflows for common tasks and processes. Templates provide a solid foundation that you can build upon and tailor to your unique needs.

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