New Zendesk Ticket Trigger
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How to set up and use trigger

Run the workflow when a new Zendesk ticket is created. Follow these steps:

*For more information on the integration needed, visit the related article in the Integrations collection.

  1. Add a New Zendesk Ticket Trigger: Create a workflow with a New Zendesk Ticket Trigger, use an existing workflow with a New Zendesk Ticket Trigger, or change an existing workflow's trigger type to a New Zendesk Ticket Trigger.

  2. Add Zendesk connection: If you haven't already, connect your Zendesk account to Cassidy. This will allow Cassidy to access your Zendesk tickets and trigger workflows based on new ticket creation.

  3. Select organization (optional): Choose the specific Zendesk organization you want to monitor for new tickets. If you leave this field blank, the trigger will monitor tickets from any organization.

  4. Reference the Zendesk variables: In the rest of your workflow, you can use the following variables from the New Zendesk Ticket Trigger:

    • Ticket ID: The unique identifier of the newly created ticket.

    • Ticket Subject: The subject line of the new ticket.

    • Ticket Description: The description or body of the new ticket.

    • Ticket Requester: The email address of the person who submitted the new ticket.

  5. Activate the trigger: In the New Zendesk Ticket Trigger block, click the toggle switch to turn it on.

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