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How to set up and use action

Generates text using an AI model. Follow these steps:

  1. Add a Generate Text action: While editing a workflow, click the plus button between existing blocks. This will open a modal where you can select from Cassidy's pre-configured actions. Choose the Generate Text action to add it to your workflow.

  2. Rename the action (if needed): If you want to make the action more descriptive or easier to reference as a variable later, enter a new name.

    โ€‹*Variables are inputs from the trigger, or outputs from previous steps

  3. Write a prompt: In the "Prompt" field, enter the text that will guide the AI model in generating the desired output. You can reference variables from previous steps or the trigger to provide context.

    *This action has no context about your business

  4. Select the AI model: Choose the AI model you want to use for generating text, such as GPT-4, Claude 3 Opus, Gemini Pro, or others. Each model has different capabilities and characteristics, so select the one that best fits your needs.

  5. Add examples (optional): If you want to guide the AI model towards a specific style or format, you can provide examples in the "Examples" section. For instance, if the block is meant to write a social media post, you can give it examples of social media posts you've written in the past. This will help the AI model understand the desired output more clearly.

Here's a sample of the type of output you can expect:

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