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How to set up and use action

Stars a Zapier Zap. Follow these steps:

*For more information on the integration needed, visit the related article in the Integrations collection.

  1. Add a Run Zapier Action action: While editing a workflow, click the plus button between existing blocks. This will open a modal where you can select from Cassidy's pre-configured actions. Choose the Run Zapier Action action to add it to your workflow.

  2. Rename the action (if needed): If you want to make the action more descriptive or easier to reference as a variable later, enter a new name.

  3. Click Finish Setup on Zapier: In the Run Zapier Action block, click the "Finish Setup on Zapier" button. This will redirect you to Zapier, where you can login or sign up and complete the setup process.

    *You can also search for a specific integration app and select "Click to Open in Zapier" to create the Zap automatically

  4. Create a Zap: In Zapier, create a new Zap. Choose "Cassidy" as the trigger event and "Workflow Finished Running" as the event for your Zap.

  5. Add an action step: In the Zap editor, add an action step that uses the inputs from your Cassidy workflow. For example, "Create Document from Text" with Google Docs.

  6. Map the Cassidy workflow outputs to the Zapier action input fields: In the Zapier action step, map the input fields of your chosen action to the corresponding outputs from your Cassidy workflow. For example, if your Cassidy workflow generates a text output, map that output to the "Document Content" field in the "Create Document from Text in Google Docs" action.

    *The outputs from your Cassidy workflow will be available as variables in the Zapier action step.

  7. Publish and activate the Zap: Once you have configured your Zap, click the "Publish" button to save and activate it. Ensure that the Zap is turned on so that it can trigger based on your Cassidy workflow.

Here's a sample of the type of output you can expect:

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