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Limiting search results timeframe
Limiting search results timeframe

Narrow down assistant search results to a specific time period

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How to limit search results timeframe in a chat

This feature is useful when you want to limit the search results used by an assistant in a chat, such as when a Q&A assistant searches the knowledge base to respond to a query.

For example, you might want the assistant to only search recent Slack messages when asked "What are we working on today?" to avoid pulling outdated information. Limiting the search results timeframe gives you granular control over the assistant's information sources.

This article will guide you through the steps of limiting search results.

  1. Start a new chat: Begin by clicking the "New Chat" button in the left sidebar or on the "All Chats" page.

  2. Select an assistant with timeframe limit enabled: Choose an assistant that has the "Timeframe Limit for Search Results" setting enabled. If this setting is not enabled, you will need to first enable it in the assistant's settings page.

  3. Set the search results timeframe: Next to the assistant selector, you will see an additional dropdown menu (if timeframe limit is enabled). Use this menu to set the desired timeframe for limiting the search results (e.g., past week, past month, past year).

  4. Type your message and send: Compose your message as usual and click the "Send" button.

  5. Review the response: The assistant's response will include an indication that the search results were limited to the specified timeframe. Any references used to generate the response will be restricted to this timeframe.

By following these steps, you can easily limit the search results timeframe for an assistant in a chat, ensuring that the information used to generate responses is current and relevant to your needs.

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