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Analyzing data in a chat
Analyzing data in a chat

Gain insights from your data

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How to analyze data in a chat

To analyze data within a Cassidy chat, follow these steps:

  1. Start a new chat: Begin by clicking the "New Chat" button in the left sidebar or on the "All Chats" page.

  2. Select the "Data Analyst" assistant: At the top of the chat interface (or in the text box), click on the assistants dropdown to view the available assistants. In the default tab, choose the "Data Analyst". This assistant is specifically designed to help you analyze and gain insights from your data.

  3. Upload your data file: Click the "+" button in the bottom left corner of the text box, or drag and drop the CSV or Excel file containing the data you want to analyze. Make sure the file adheres to the formatting guidelines outlined in the next section.

  4. Ask questions and request visualizations: Once your data is uploaded, you can ask the Data Analyst assistant questions related to your data. For example, you can request specific visualizations (e.g., "Create a bar chart showing sales by region"), gather insights (e.g., "What are the key trends in customer behavior?"), or ask specific data questions (e.g., "What was the total revenue for Q1?").

    โ€‹*Note: You can also use the Data Analyst assistant to create synthetic data, which means you don't necessarily need to upload an input file to utilize its capabilities.

How to properly format data for analysis

To ensure smooth data analysis and avoid potential issues, follow these guidelines when preparing your data:

  • Use CSV or Excel files: The Data Analyst assistant works with data in CSV (comma-separated values) or Excel (XLSX) format only.

  • Organize data in a tabular structure: Your data should be arranged in a table format, with rows representing individual records and columns representing variables or attributes.

  • Include descriptive column headers: The first row of your spreadsheet should contain descriptive headers for each column. Avoid using empty rows or titles above the header row.

  • Ensure data consistency: Make sure your data is consistent and follows a uniform structure. Avoid leaving empty rows between data entries or separating data into multiple sections or tables within the same file. In addition, avoid using multiple tabs/worksheets.

By adhering to these formatting guidelines, you can ensure that the Data Analyst assistant can process and analyze your data effectively, helping you uncover valuable insights and make data-driven decisions within your Cassidy chats.

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