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How to invite team members

By adding your team members, you can collaborate efficiently by sharing AI assistants and workflows, resulting in enhanced productivity.

To invite team members to your Cassidy organization:

  1. Open the invitation modal: Click on "Invite Members" in the sidebar. A modal will pop up.

  2. Enter email addresses and assign roles/groups: In the modal, for each team member you want to invite:

    • Enter their email address

    • Select their organization role (member, admin)

    • Select groups (optional)

    *For more information on groups, read assigning roles & groups article.

    โ€‹*Your plan comes with a certain number of seats, and you can only invite up to that amount. Upgrade your plan if you need more seats. See managing plans for more information.

  3. Send invitations: Click the Invite button to send the invitations to the specified email addresses.

  4. Alternative invitation method for Admins: If you're an Admin, you can also click your name and navigate to the Organization Settings. Then, go to the Team Members tab and click "Invite Team Members".

  5. Manage invitations: If you made a mistake, you can click Revoke Invitation next to a pending invite.

    *If the person has already accepted, you can click the "..." next to their name, select "Remove", and then confirm the action.

How to accept an invite

To accept an invitation to join a Cassidy organization:

  1. Check your email: Look for the invitation email from Cassidy and click the Join button within the email.

    *In case your team members do not receive the invitation email, ask them to check their spam or junk folders. If they still cannot locate the email, you can re-send the invitation by following the steps mentioned above.

  2. Create an account or join with an existing one:

    • If you're creating a Cassidy account from scratch, refer to the setting up your account article in the Getting Started collection. When prompted during the account creation process, click the option to join an organization.

    • If you already have a Cassidy account and are logged in, a pop-up will appear in the Cassidy app asking you to accept the invite.

  3. Manage pending invitations: You can access your pending invitations by clicking your name in the sidebar and then selecting the Pending Invitations option (or from the Account Settings, which you can access by clicking the settings icon next to your name).

  4. Accept or reject the invitation: In the Pending Invitations screen, click Accept Invitation to join the organization or Reject Invitation to decline the invite.

  5. Switch between organizations: Once you've accepted an invitation, you can easily switch between your organizations using the same menu where you found the Pending Invitations option.

By following these steps, you can quickly invite team members to your Cassidy organization and enable them to accept those invitations, allowing for seamless collaboration and increased productivity.

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