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Overview of Integrations
Overview of Integrations

Expand Cassidy's capabilities with third-party platforms

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Supported integrations

Cassidy's integrations allow you to connect with various third-party platforms, enhancing the capabilities of our AI-assistants, automating workflows, and synchronizing your business data.

Integrations include connected apps, which are used to import and sync knowledge base items, as well as apps like Zendesk and Zapier, which are used in workflows (as triggers or to perform actions).

CassidyAI integrates with popular platforms, including:

The steps to connect each app can be found in their respective articles within this collection.

We are continually working on expanding our integration options to bring even more convenience and efficiency to our users.

Suggesting new integrations:

If you have suggestions for potential integrations or require additional platforms to be integrated with Cassidy, please reach out to our support team at [email protected].

Our team will be happy to evaluate your suggestions and consider them for future updates.

By leveraging Cassidy's integrations, you can streamline your workflows, keep your knowledge base up-to-date, and unlock new possibilities for your AI-assistants. Explore the available integrations and their respective setup guides to start enhancing your Cassidy experience today.

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