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Use Cassidy in multiple languages
Use Cassidy in multiple languages

Interact with Cassidy's AI in languages other than English

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How to use Cassidy in different languages

While the user interface of Cassidy only supports English, you can use the chat feature in any language. Cassidy's AI models are capable of understanding and responding in various languages. As an example, this means that if you ask a question in Spanish, the AI model should respond to you in Spanish as well.

If you encounter any issues with the AI model not responding in the correct language, you can add specific instructions to an assistant. For example, you can include the instruction "always respond in Spanish" to ensure that the assistant consistently communicates in Spanish.

For more information on how to edit assistants and provide instructions, please refer to the article on editing and fine-tuning an assistant.

This flexibility enables you to harness the power of Cassidy's AI-driven assistance across various regions and industries.

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