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Editing and fine-tuning an assistant
Editing and fine-tuning an assistant

Customize your AI assistant to better suit your needs

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How to edit and fine-tune an assistant

Cassidy allows you to edit and fine-tune your AI assistants to ensure they align with your organization's specific requirements and brand voice. Follow these steps to modify your assistant:

  1. Navigate to the Assistants page: Click on the "Assistants" option in the left sidebar of your Cassidy dashboard.

  2. Open the assistant settings: Locate the assistant you want to edit and click the "..." icon in the top right corner of the assistant's card. From the dropdown menu, select "Edit."

    *Alternatively, you can edit an assistant directly from the chat interface by clicking on the assistant dropdown and selecting the "Edit" option next to the assistant's name.

  3. Modify basic information: In the settings page, you can update the assistant's name, description, and choose whether to set the assistant as private or public. You can also select the base model for the assistant.

    โ€‹*For more information on managing assistant permissions, visit the article in this collection.

  4. Adjust instructions: Add and remove instructions provided to the assistant to better guide its behavior and outputs. Clearly describe the tasks you want the assistant to perform and any specific guidelines it should follow.

  5. Fine-tune brand voice: In the "Brand Voice" section, upload examples of your organization's previous writing, such as blog posts, product descriptions, or customer communications. Cassidy will analyze these examples and train the assistant to adapt to your unique brand voice and style.

  6. Configure Q&A settings: Enable or disable the Q&A feature, which allows the assistant to automatically search the knowledge base with every request. If enabled, select the specific parts of the knowledge base you want the assistant to access.

  7. Limit search results timeframe: Enable or disable the Timeframe Limit for Search results, which allows you to select a specific timeframe for the search results within the knowledge base and prioritize those that are more recent and relevant.

    *When enabled, you will have the option to specify the timeframe on the chat page. Refer to the limiting search results timeframe article for more information.

  8. Save changes: After making the necessary adjustments, click the "Save" button to apply your changes to the assistant.

By regularly editing and fine-tuning your AI assistants, you can ensure they remain up-to-date with your organization's evolving needs and consistently provide accurate, on-brand responses.

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