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Creating workflow folders
Creating workflow folders

Organize your workflows

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How to create workflow folders

Organizing your workflows into folders helps keep your workspace tidy and makes it easier to find the workflows you need.

Here's how to create folders for your workflows:

  1. Navigate to Workflows: Click on the "Workflows" section in the left sidebar of your Cassidy homepage to access your workflows.

  2. Click "Create a Folder" or the "+" icon: In the left sidebar of the Workflows page, click on the "Create a Folder" button or the "+" icon next to the "Folders" heading.

  3. Name your folder and select permissions: Enter a descriptive name for your new folder. Then, choose the appropriate permissions:

    • Team: Anyone in your organization can access the folder and its contents.

    • Restricted: Only people with explicitly granted access can view and use the workflows within the folder.

      *You can change these permissions at any time. For more information, please refer to the article on managing workflow permissions.

  4. Click "Create": After entering the folder name and selecting permissions, click the "Create" button to generate the new folder.

  5. Move workflows into the folder: To organize your existing workflows, simply drag and drop them from the main Workflows area into the appropriate folder.

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