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Managing workflow permissions
Managing workflow permissions

Control access to your workflows

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How to manage workflow permissions

Cassidy provides flexible options for managing access and permissions for your workflows, ensuring that team members have access to the tools they need while maintaining security and control.

There are two main ways to manage workflow permissions: setting workflow privacy and creating workflow folders.

Setting Workflow Privacy

  1. Set workflow privacy: When editing a workflow, click the settings icon and select "Make Private". When enabled, the workflow will only be accessible to you, assuming you are the creator. When disabled, the workflow is considered public and can be accessed by anyone in your organization.

Creating Workflow Folders

  1. Create workflow folders: You can also manage access to workflows by organizing them into folders. When creating a folder, you can choose between two access types:

    • Team: Anyone in your organization can access the folder and its contents.

    • Restricted: Only people with explicitly granted access can view and use the workflows within the folder.
      โ€‹*For more information on creating workflow folders, please refer to the article on creating workflow folders.

  2. Update folder permissions: To modify the permissions for a workflow folder:

    • Open folder sharing options: Find the folder you want to modify and click the "..." to open up the options. Then, click "Share".

    • Adjust the access type: If needed, change the access type between "Team" and "Restricted".

    • Add or remove people and groups: If you have selected "Restricted" access, you can add or remove specific people or groups who should have access to the folder. To add people, simply start typing their names or email addresses, and select them from the list. To add or remove groups, refer to the article on creating and managing groups for more information.

    • Save changes: After making the necessary modifications, click the "Save" button to apply the changes to the folder's permissions.

By utilizing Cassidy's privacy settings and workflow folders, you can ensure that your team members have access to the workflows they need while maintaining the necessary level of control and security.

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